8th - School Dance 5:30-7:30

14th - Nutrition Waiver Day for February Birthdays

14th - Valentine's Day Parties @ 2:00- 2:45

15th - PTA Founder's Day- Choir and Bells perform @ 6:30

23rd- Patriot of the Month at Wake Up Woods

26th- Mar. 2nd - Read Across America Week

Students are considered tardy at 8:05 a.m.

School dismisses at 3:00 p.m.

Breakfast begins promptly at 7:30 a.m. and ends promptly at 7:55 a.m.
Breakfast is free for all students.

Lunch is served at the following times:
Lunch Period 1 - 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Grades 2 and 3 

Lunch Period 2 - 11:35 a.m. - 12:35 p.m.
Grades 6, Pre-K, and McCabe

Lunch Period 3 - 12:05 p.m. - 1:05 p.m.
Grades Kindergarten and 1

Lunch Period 4 - 12:40 p.m.-1:40
Grades 4 and 5

Lunch is $2.25 per day for students, $3.50 for adults, and $3.75 for guests.

Wake Up Woods is every Friday morning in the cafeteria- parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

John P. Woods Elementary National Elementary Honor Society

Article I

Name and Purpose

Section 1. The name of this chapter shall be the John P. Woods Elementary Chapter of the National Elementary Honor Society of John P. Woods Elementary.

Section 2. The purpose of this chapter shall be to create an enthusiasm for superior scholarship; to develop citizenship; to stimulate a desire to serve; to promote leadership’; and to instill exemplary qualities of character.


Article II

Section 1. Eligibility of candidates shall be determined at the end of the 3rd quarter of the candidates 5th grade school year.

Section 2.  Candidates eligible for election to this chapter must be exiting the 5th grade and entering the 6th grade. To be eligible for selection to membership in this chapter, the candidate must have been enrolled for a period equivalent to one semester at John P. Woods Elementary School.

Section 3. Membership in this chapter shall be based upon scholarship, character, leadership, citizenship, and service.

Section 4. The election of members to this chapter shall be by the 5th grade faculty (otherwise known as faculty council), with the principal acting as adviser.

Section 5.  Candidates eligible for election to the chapter shall have a minimum scholarship average for 3.00 during grade 5. This scholastic level of achievement shall remain fixed, and shall be the required minimum scholastic level of achievement for admission to candidacy. All students who can rise in scholarship to or above such standards may be admitted to candidacy for election to membership. Candidates must also have exemplary attendance, meeting the district policy of 95% present attendance.  Excused absences will not count against the candidate. Candidates with outstanding absences will not be considered. Candidates shall then be considered on the basis of citizenship, service, leadership, and character.

Section 6. All members shall be inducted into the Society with impressive and appropriate ceremonies.

Section 7. A member of the National Elementary Honor Society who transfers to this school will be accepted automatically for membership in this chapter, upon presentation of a letter signed by his former principal certifying membership. In order to retain membership a transfer member must then maintain the membership requirements for this chapter.

Section 8. A member of the National Elementary Honor Society who transfers from this school will be given a letter, signed by the advisers/sponsors, indicating the status of his membership if such a letter is requested.


Article III
Election of Officers

Section 1. Officers shall be elected during the first called meeting of the new inducted members.

Section 2. No candidate for office shall be on probation at the time of the election.


Article IV
Probation and Dismissal 

Section 1. Any member whose conduct in school or at any school activity results in suspension from school may warrant dismissal from the honor society on grounds of poor citizenship.

Section 2. Any member whose conduct in class or anywhere in the school or on school property is deemed poor citizenship/character by any school personnel may have this infraction submitted to the chapter adviser(s) or faculty council for review and possible dismissal.

Section 3. All members must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade average. Any member who falls below this grade average or the other standards used as the basis for his/her election to the Society shall be promptly warned. If, during the next quarter of the school, the member fails to meet these standards, he/she shall be dismissed.

Section 4. Any member who has one unexcused absence from meetings may be dismissed. A student must give a written/oral statement for the absence to the chapter adviser within two (2) school days after the meeting. The chapter adviser(s) or faculty council will rule in the excuse/unexcused. Failure to give notice will be considered unexcused unless a student’s name appears on the school’s absentee list.

Section 5. If a member misses a meeting, they may make it up by completing two hours of community service for each meeting or session missed by the end of the month.

Section 6. Active members who are not fulfilling their obligation may be declared “not in good standing” or “on probation”.  Demerits will be given for missed meetings, nonfulfillment of projects, and other expectations not met as set forth by the adviser(s) or faculty council.  A member
who receives two demerits for any reason shall be dismissed.

Section 7. All dismissal procedures shall be ruled on by the chapter adviser(s) or faculty council.

Section 8. Once a member has been dismissed, he/she is never again eligible for membership in the National Elementary Honor Society. A majority vote of the chapter advisers or faculty council shall be necessary for dismissal.

Section 9. When a member is dismissed, he/she shall be notified in writing and his/her emblem and membership card returned to his/her chapter adviser or principal. Notice of dismissal is then indicated on the chapter roll.


Article V

Section 1. The officers of this chapter shall be the president and four committee chair officers.

Section 2. Officers shall be elected at a regular meeting of the National Elementary Honor Society and shall not be eligible to succeed

Section 3. A majority of votes cast shall be necessary to elect any officers in this chapter. The chapter adviser(s) have the authority
to overrule members if the elected officer’s candidacy is in question.

Section 4. It shall be the duty of the president to preside at meetings.

Section 5. The vice-president shall preside in the absence of the president.

Section 6. The secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings if decided upon by the chapter adviser(s). He/she shall, with the approval of the chapter advisers, certify the names to those elected to membership during the school year by keeping a record in the chapter’s roll book.

Section 7. The treasurer shall, with the approval of the chapter advisers, receive and disburse all funds of the chapter, and keep accurate account of receipts and disbursements in keeping with the policy of the school for handling funds of school organizations.

Section 8. Other duties may be assigned to the officers as needed.

Section 9. If an officer is dismissed from the chapter, the runner-up for his or her position will fill the committee chair.


Article VI
Executive Committee

Section 1. The executive committee shall consist of the chapter adviser(s) and the officers of the chapter.

Section 2. The executive committee shall have general charge of the meetings and business of the chapter, but any action on the part of the executive committee shall be subject to review by the chapter membership, except that the dismissal of members is the exclusive duty of the chapter adviser(s) or faculty council.

Section 3. The president of the chapter shall act as chairman of the executive committee if permission is granted by the chapter adviser(s).

Section 4. The executive committee shall meet the week preceding the regular meeting.


Article VII

Section 1. There shall be regular meetings of the chapter during the school year with a minimum of one per month.

Section 2. Social meetings, approved by the executive committee, may be called by the president.

Section 3. All meetings shall be held under the supervision of the chapter adviser(s).


Article VIII

Section 1. Each member of this chapter shall be entitled to wear the official emblem or insignia of the National Elementary Honor Society.

Section 2. Any member who withdraws or who is dismissed from the chapter shall return the emblem to the chapter adviser(s).

Section 3. All insignia must be procured from the national secretary of the National Elementary Honor Society, 1904 Association Drive,
Reston Virginia 22091. All insignia are registered in the United States Patent Office, and cannot be duplicated by anyone.


Article IX
Community Service/Activities

Section 1. The chapter shall determine service projects for each year.   A minimum total of four  (4) official activities will be conducted each year.  Members must complete a total of three community service projects during the school year.

Section 2. All members shall regularly participate in these projects.  Members must keep documentation of their community service projects.

Section 3. Community service projects must be approved by the chapter adviser(s).   These projects shall have the following characteristics: fulfill a need within the school or community, have the support of the administration and the faculty, be appropriate and educationally defensible, and be well-planned, organized, and executed.

Section 4. Members are not to receive any monetary gifts or gifts of any sort for community projects/service.  


Article X

Section 1. Members must meet the district attendance policy, being present at school 95% of the school year.

Section 2. School business and excused absences will not count against members.

Section 3. If a member reaches five unexcused absences, he or she may be placed on probation status. This decision is to be made by the chapter adviser(s).

Section 4. If a member is unexcused from missing school more than five days, he or she may be dismissed from the chapter. This decision is to be made by the principal.


Article XI

Section 1. This constitution may be, amended by a two-thirds vote of the chapter, provided that the proposed amendment has been approved by the executive committee and chapter adviser(s) or faculty council.

Section 2. Any amendment must conform to the guidelines as established by the National Council.


Article XII

Section 1. Bylaws may be added to amplify sections of this constitution. Bylaws do not need to be approved by the National Council.

Section 2. Bylaws must be approved by a majority vote of the chapter, provided that the proposed bylaws have been approved by the executive committee.

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