Ramsey Faculty and Staff

Adams, Stewart  Physical Education
Alexander, David Social Studies
Allen, Amanda GATE
Baldwin, Ashley Physical Science
Bardin, Hillary Art
Bethel, Gia Science
Blanton, Cheyenne Math
Bonar, Melissa ELL
Bradshaw, Sarah English
Brooks, Lea Anne Speech Pathologist
Bross, Shelly Special Education
Brown, Rosa Counseling Secretary
Bruce, Lainie Counselor
Bulger, Amanda Career Orientation
Burkepile, Mike Orchestra
Burner, Brenda Paraprofessional  
Chronister, Erin Health/P.E.
Cross, Caroline English/Journalism
Curtis, Ryan Economics
Daily, Michele Counselor
Davis, Ann Office Secretary
Davis, Jeremy Health
Dean, Cindy English/Student Council
East, Janet Health/P.E./Cheer
Eveld, Cheryl Attendance Secretary
Farris, Patti Science
Foley, Judy Special Education P.E.
Ford, Heather English
Green, Felicia Paraprofessional
Greer, Debbie Family & Consumer
Griggs, Daniel Science
Hagedorn, Juanita Registrar
Hall, Terri Math
Hamilton, Corey Social Studies/P.E.
Hamilton, Shawn Physical Education
Harris, Carie English/Drill Team
Hart, Karey Paraprofessional
Hawkins, Duana Special Education
Hays, Deloris English
Henderson, Misty Special Education
Hill, Benjamin Choir
Hughes, Steven Orchestra
Hunter, Risa English/ Student Council
Jamell, Donna Math
Johnson, Alexander  Science/P.E.
Johnson, Emily Special Education
Kuykendall, Jane Media Center Secretary
Lawson, Rick Paraprofessional
Lincoln, Taryn Oral Communication
Lee, Kim Paraprofessional
May, Erika Special Education
Merry, Krystle Special Education
Meyers, Sherrie Special Education
Moseley, Laura Media Specialist
Mudd, Michelle Special Education
Mulson, Pam Math
Navarro, Isaac Spanish/Drill Team
Neissl, Brenda Social Studies
Neissl, Matt Physical Education
Nelke, Tammy Paraprofessional
Nutt, Sara Nurse
Patterson, Glenn ETE
Pitsch, Seanna Paraprofessional
Poole, Monique Math
Rauser, Kim English
Ricketts, Kortney Math
Rea, John Science
Reeves, Keith Choir
Shepherd, Kristen Band
Shuey, Trina Paraprofessional
Smith, Kaitlyn Band
Stepp, Teresa Literacy Lab
Stovall, Ben Computer Applications
Tomlin, Stephen Social  Studies
Ware, Libby Social Studies
Watkins, Laurah Science
Watkins, Tracy Special Education
Watson, Brooke Math
Watson, Gayla Computer Applications
Williamson, Jane Science












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