Technology Education

Technology Education at Ramsey Junior High School provides the students an opportunity to put their learning to use. Tech Ed uses a variety of hands-on activities to reinforce the students' knowledge in science, art, math, language arts, history and of course, technology. The selection and types of activities will change some each year as new equipment is purchased or as technology itself evolves.

Some of the activities include:

Architecture--Students learn about house styles, room planning, and design a small vacation home.
Aviation--The students learn the principals and forces of flight, then use a flight simulator to perform specific flight maneuvers.
Aerospace--The students study the history of rockets and space travel, then design, build and launch a solid fuel rocket.
Bridge Building--Students will studey the different types of bridges and the forces that affect them. They will then design and build their own model bridge and perform a destruction test.
City Design--The students design and manage their own city through the use of computer programs.
Digital Photography--Digital photography will be used to enhance various PowerPoint and web page presentations.
Drafting--The students study and use basic mechanical drawing techniques for isometric and orthographic drawings.
Energy Tech--The students study about alternative energy sources and build a solar cooker.
Electronics/Electricity--The students learn to read a schematic diagram and use the electronic parts to build various circuits. Students will disassemble an electric motor, identify the parts and reassemble.
GPS--Students will learn map making through the use of Global Positioning Satellites.
Internet Speed Challenge--Various topics in history will be reinforced through the use of the internet. A contest is held to see who can answer the most questions in the shortest amount of time.
Lighter than Air Flight--Students will study the history of LTA and construct a hot air balloon.
Manufacturing--The students learn shop safety; how to use hand tools and power tools in order to build an individual project. Emphasis is placed on safety and craftsmanship.
Problem Solving--Students will learn the problem solving model through various activities.
Research and Design--The students use their manufacturing skills to design, build and race a CO-2 model car using mass production methods.
Screen Printing--The students make a design for T-shirt, then print their design onto a shirt using screen printing methods.
Trebuchet Challenge--The students will study the Medieval Siege engine. They will then design and construct their own trebuchet. A contest will be held to see which trebuchet is the most accurate.
Video Production--Students study video production techniques and use video equipment to shoot, edit and produce a video clip.
Web Page Design--Students will design and construct their own web page.

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