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Albert Pike Elementary School Staff List, 2017-2018

Monica Austin…Principal
Brooke West…Assistant Principal

Kathy Knox
Gema Acevedo (Para)
Rachel Gayer
Lauren Greb (Para)

Amy Brotherton
Jessica Lemus
Jennifer Luther
Shawn Stobaugh

First Grade
Tammy Gramlich
Angela Nigh
Kim Tuttle

Second Grade
Mary Baker
Becky Brown
Kendra Jones

Third Grade
Heather Aguilar
Veronica Luna-Geels
Melissa Polhemus

Fourth Grade
Crystal Babitzke
Melissa Knight
Sara Williams

Fifth Grade
Jonathan Mathis
Mary Southerland

Sixth Grade
Julie Stec
Vickie Terry

Special Education
Kathryn Duncan
Missy Ho
Brenda Fetters (.50)
Jessica Cochenour

Pamela Edwards
Jeannie Fitting 
Lisa McDaniel
Dora Solomon
Cheryl Christman

English Language Acquisition
Thongsavath Duong
Ana Minden

Cassidy Hodge
Andria Nikki Perry

Instructional Facilitators 
Jimmy Cook (Math)
Stephanie Grimm (Literacy)
Eden Buergler (Technology)
Laurie Baldridge (Science)

Occupational Therapist
Scott Schmitz

Special Education Coordinator 
Susan Coon

Davina Roper

Kristen Holloway
Bill Becker (K/1 Enrichment)
Tammy Irons

Judy Riley
Sami Sue Welch

Leah Stark
Kathleen Leeper

Physical Education
Stephen Pixley
Karen Hill (Para)

Joy Lovelady
Gynith Foster (Para)

Brenda DeArmond

Office Personnel
Wanda Crane (.50)…Secretary
Diana Redding
Summer Robinson

Food Service Personnel
Mary Moore…Cafeteria Manager
Carissa DeBerry
Marria DeLaTorre
Shayklia Ceaser
Deneese Jones
Beth McCormick
Dorothea Cherry

Building and Grounds Personnel
Angie Cowden
Jim Pepper
Lawrence "Skip" Toran



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