GATE-Events and Activities



Chaffin archaeological dig, Shark Tank, and treehouse construction.




Chaffin took students to the Quiz Bowl Tournament Camp. The top two scorers for the entire camp-who tied for first place are Bilal Momand and Mahdir Anower who ranked as 1st place All Stars. Additionally, Hannah Krehbiel, Beck Williams, Riyadh Ananda, and Ethan Maddox who came in 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th place out of 155 students at the camp tournament. Other high scoring team players were Josh Bean, Joshua Waack, Luke Stouffer, Ethan Moates, and Kenneth Clardy.


Chaffin GATE students demonstrated the safe use of power tools to Chaffin students who are
constructing a "time machine" as part of their wax museum presentation of famous people from the past.



In a unique collaboration between schools, the Chaffin GATE students dressed as a favorite character andread the book to 1st grade students in Ms. Humphrey's class. Then the 1st graders were involved in a reader's theater acting out different parts of the book.



One of the Amazing Race winning teams at Chaffin. Students had to complete challenges around the building.



Attendees were able to view video commercials selling

the student group's Rube Goldberg invention.



Students were required to incorporate several different

simple machines into their contraptions.



Student groups created a corporation to design and market their device. 

The corporation developed its own mission statement and had to work within

a budget in building the Rube Goldberg device.



Students demonstrated their Rube Goldberg invention which was designed to

accomplish a specific task after completing multiple steps.



Students continued to adjust and tweak their contraptions during the Expo.




Chaffin GATE students work on the Rube Goldberg unit during the district GATE EXPO.



Chaffin students working on their Rube Goldberg inventions.



Tilles 2nd grade students engaged in an enrichment lesson on rocks. 



Ramsey Jr High Quiz Bowl team won the state tournament held in

 Little Rock on February 22, 2014.



Ramsey Jr. High Quiz Bowl placed 1st at the Regional Quiz Bowl tournament in February. 



Chaffin Jr. High Quiz Bowl placed 2nd at the Regional Quiz Bowl tournament in February.



Darby Jr. High Quiz Bowl placed 3rd at the Regional Quiz Bowl

tournament in February.



Ramsey Science Bowl teams earned 1st, 2nd, 3rd at regional competition.

Their coach is Teresa Freeman. 

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