Back to School Picnic Thursday, August 11th

Student's First Day of School, Monday August 15th


Fairview Elementary School Staff List, 2015-2016

Peggy Walter, Principal

Tammy Chase, Assistant Principal

Cristen Cox
Susan Taylor
Sandra Bryant, Paraprofessional
Meloney Gill, Paraprofessional

Theresa Frazier
Mary McCain
Leslie Holland
Sandra Rogers

First Grade
Morgan Kremers
Amy Montgomery
Amanda Chavez

 Second Grade
Tonya Thrash
Laina Thornton
Ashley French

Third Grade
Alison Gleason
Laura Bandimere
Abby Saviers

 Fourth Grade
Emily Durham
Monica Welborn

Fifth Grade
Daniel Arnold
Heather McGhee
Missy Edwards

Sixth Grade
Monica Phillips
Kara Frye
Jeff Cohen

Ginetta Tipton
Audra Efurd
Joan Kincannon
Brooke Woodruff

Joseph Reed

Lisa Sellers 

Physical Education
Kimberly Soto
Holly Pixley, Paraprofessional 

Library Media Center
Nicki Petrucci
Shelly Crenshaw, Media Clerk

Charles Williams
Carol Tiller
Ann Morocco
Stephanie Watkins

Special Education
Natasha Youngblood
Britt Humphries

Katlyn Gaynor

Holly Craig

ESL Paraprofessional

Gloria Santoyo

Pat Wheeler

Susan Etzkorn

Jan Burgess
Jo Smith
Lacey Larimore

Tony Waters
Ron Biggs
Norma Meza-Hernandez

Jo Cross

Sara Harp, Manager
Jamie Burnside
Birdie Corbell
Margarita Fernandez
Debbie Roll
Tammy Andrews

Instructional Facilitators
Ami Griggs-Literacy
Laura Gladden-Math
Laurie Baldridge-Science

Technology Integration Specialist
Daniel Pena

School Social Worker
Melinda Hyatt

Special Education Examiner
Sandy Sanders

Special Education Coordinator
Susan Coon

Perspectives Counselor
Cathy Cassingham


2400 South Dallas Street, 72901-6830 • Phone 783-3214 • FAX 709-6099

This School is accredited by the North Central Association and the Arkansas Department of Education.

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In compliance with federal nondiscrimination laws, the Fort Smith Public School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, genetic information, or disability in its employment or educational practices. If you have questions regarding the professional qualifications of your child's teachers or paraprofessionals, you are encouraged to ask Mr. Martin Mahan, Executive Director of Human Resources. • Le invitamos a que hable con la Senor Martin Mahan si usted tiene alguna pregunta sobre las capacitaciones profesionales de los maestros o asistentes de maestros de sus hijos.

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