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Chaffin Teachers

Faculty members may be contacted by e-mail. Use the first letter of their first name and up to seven letters of their last name and

Example for Todd Marshell:

Faculty members may also be contacted by phone: 452-2226

Adams, Amy 8th Science
Benoit, Michael 8th Science
Billingsley, Amber Business
Bland, Tim Coach
Bond, Darion 7th Math
Boyd, Alicia Paraprofessional
Brock, Nelson  Algebra I / Geometry 
Bryan, TC Resource
Burris, Nancy Assistant Principal
Carlson, April Keyboarding / Word Processing
Carter, Dr. Randall Assistant Principal
Chancey, Dawn Special Education
Clark, Dustin  7th Science
Clark, Rachel Paraprofessional
Crawford, Greg 9th Economics
Davis, Laura 7th Science
Dixon, Brenda Financial Secretary
Dominguez, Jaime Paraprofessional
Edwards, Kelsey Coach / 7th Grade Health
Frederick, Carol 8th Math
Frost, Jennifer  Art 
Gauger, Sherri Counselor
Green, Debbie  Counselor Secretary 
GrossKreuz, Leica  Special Education - Dept Chair
Guadagnini, Emily Choir Director
Hattabaugh, Sara Special Education
Hayes, Brenda Registrar
Henry, Alicia Special Education
Holyfield, Dr. Steve 8th Language Arts
Hoopes, Logan 9th Civics
Hunter, Gwen 9th Science
Hunter, Jerry Coach / SDC - Dept Chair
Lawrence, Sara Media Specialist
Lee, Nathaniel  Assistant Choir Director
Lever, Teresa  Secretary/Media Clerk 
Litchford, Matt  7th Social Studies 
Lovelady, Mary 8th Math
Lucas, Adam 9th Health
Lucas, Lorri Coach
Macy, Jessica  7th English/Journalism

Macy, Rebecca

Mankins, Katie Counselor
Markham, Amy Gate
Marshell, Todd Principal
McKissic, Darrin Band Director
Mendoza, Kathreen 8th Language Arts
Minor, Travis  8th Social Studies
Monchamp, Camille 7th Social Studies
Moreno, Dan Paraprofessional
Moss, Megan Attendance Secretary
Overbey, Terry 9th Science - Dept Chair
Owen, Robin 8th Language Arts - Dept Chair
Palmer, James Assistant Band Director
Patton, Kathy  Special Education 
Peck, Threasa  Special Education 
Pierson, Nita 7th Math
Pinkston, Chris Orchestra
Pogue, Doug Coach / Health
Rathbun, David Algebra I / Geometry - Dept Chair
Robinson, Kathryn 9th English
Russell, Kristi Speech Pathologist
Russell, Lorene 9th English 
Smith, Tonja 7th Language Arts
Smothers, David Career Orientation
Surles, Steven ETE
Tierra, Stephanie Spanish
Tilley, Angela Oral Communications
Tucker, Dakota  9th Health
Watkins, Eric Special Education
Wilbourn, Sarah 7th English
Wilkes, Chelsea Paraprofessional
Woodward, Marcus 8th Social Studies - Dept Chair

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