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About Chaffin Junior High School

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Chaffin Junior High School is one of 4 junior highs in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Our colors are hunter green and vegas gold and the Cougars are our mascot.

As of September 2017, we have a total enrollment of 798 students with 275 students in the 7th Grade, 263 students in the 8th grade, and 260 students enrolled in the 9th grade.


Chaffin was named in honor of Lewis Adria Chaffin who taught in the Massard-Barling area for 49 years. He began his teaching career in 1906 at a school near Fort Chaffee called Pleasant Grove. By 1929, L.A. Chaffin was teaching all eight grades in a one room, frame school near Massard Road.

After finally getting a larger school and another teacher, L.A. Chaffin's next concern was the transferring of the students to Fort Smith High School (now Northside High School) so that they could finish their secondary education.

Chaffin was funded from a millage in 1967. When the taxes generated enough money, Darby Jr. High was rebuilt and Chaffin Jr. High was formed. Chaffin began with 452 students.


The mission of Chaffin Jr. High is to inspire student success through innovative instruction in a culture of high expectations and personal character.

Recognizing that the students is our central focus, and knowing that all students can learn and achieve, the mission of Chaffin Jr. high School is to develop and enhance the abilities of every student. We will create an environment of high expectations to advance the total school community, and we will develop a school climate in which both students and teachers feel ownership and pride. Our approach will be innovative, relative, and challenging in order to educate the whole child. Fulfilling this mission will assure our students a promising transition into the twenty-first century.


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